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FormHeading Star Guaranteed Emergency Credit Line(GECL)


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1. None of my borrowings with any lenders (Banks/NBFCs/FIs) has overdue of more than 60 days.

2. I/We hereby certify that all information by me/us is true/ correct and complete. My/Our Business has been impacted due to advent of COVID 19. The above facility is required to meet operating liabilities and to restart the operations of unit/factory.

We undertake that the funds will not be utilized for any purpose other than for business purposes. We shall furnish any other information that may be required in connection with the above. We shall execute the loan documents required for availing the loan and extend all securities (primary/collateral), Guarantees that are available for existing facilities.

Check box input also will be mandatory

Please arrange for the following documents at the time of visit to the branch.

  1. Audited Balance Sheet (if available).
  2. GSTN Registration & GST Records (if available).
  3. Statement of Borrowings from other Bank.
  4. Business expenses i.e wage bills, maintenance expenses, renewal of insurance premium, purchase of raw materials, advance payment to suppliers etc to be incurred.